The Best St. John's Wort Supplements

By | February 13, 2020

St. John’s wort can possibly alleviate depression, help detoxify the liver, reduce scarring, and more. This venerable herb is best known for easing feelings of depression.

Expert Choice

Nature’s Way

Nature’s Way

Possibly Promotes Positive Mood. Nature’s Way is gluten-free, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Tru-ID Certified to provide the cleanest product for you.

What We Liked:

Nature’s Way St. John’s Wort is the perfect natural remedy to help fight depression. We recommend them to anyone who is living with depression and doesn’t want to take prescription medications. Nature’s Way sources from Chili and Europe where the product grows best. The capsules are easy to swallow with some water and they leave no bitter after taste. We love that anxiety will slowly begin to melt away. For a natural way to alleviate depression, look no further. Get it today.


Healths Harmony

Mood, Tincture and Mental Health Boost. The 300 mg is standardized to a minimum of 0.3-0.5% hypericin to guarantee consistent potency.

What We Liked: 

 For centuries people have turned to St. John’s Wort (commonly misspelled wart) to brighten their day. Now we know it contains a natural active chemical called Hypericin that helps to balance brain chemistry – resulting in that gentle uplifting feeling you get when you take high-potency St. John’s Wort every day. The Healths Harmony formula provides 900mcg of Hypericin in every serving. This herbal mental health aid also helps with temporary mild depression and managing the anxiety caused by stressful situations. However, it is no substitute for antidepressant medicine and you should never switch from your current medication regimen without talking to your doctor. It’s available here.



Positive Emotional Wellness. VitaStrength combines potency-assured extracts of hyperforin and hypericins in gluten-free softgels.

What We Liked:

Mood fluctuations will become steady and St. John’s wort supplement is standardized to .3% hypericin, giving you more of the active natural chemical that gives the herb its mental health benefits. Be sure to take this supplement with food for the best absorption and so it’s easy on the stomach. One to three pills can be taken a day, which aligns perfectly with meals. VitaStrength is perfect for anyone who needs a little pick-me-up to get through the daily challenges. It’s available here.