How Lockey Maisonneuve Transformed a Traumatic Past into An Empowering Future

By | October 8, 2019

Yoga teacher Lockey Maisonneuve, who often teaches in rehabilitation centers, schools, and prisons, is using her story to help empower others through the practice.

Lockey Maisonneuve

Her 2018 tell-all memoir A Girl Raised by Wolves unveiled her incredible journey through childhood prostitution, beating breast cancer, and surviving her estranged mother’s murder. Now, this yoga teacher—who often teaches in rehabilitation centers, schools, and prisons—is using her story to help empower others through the practice. 

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The 108-second interview with Lockey

YOGA JOURNAL: Who’s your biggest inspiration right now and why?

Lockey Maisonneuve: I am constantly in awe of the addiction recovery patients I work with. I’ve learned more about facing adversity from these people than anyone I’ve ever met. I always tell them to be proud of themselves. It doesn’t matter what brought them to the program. If they woke up this morning and chose recovery over addiction, I will be there to support them in any way I can.

YJ: What’s your go-to mantra?

LM: My go-to mantra is, The Universe is conspiring to surprise and delight me. I read it somewhere a couple of years ago, and I connected with it. I believe there is a higher power outside of myself that is colluding to show me all the love and support I didn’t experience in my childhood.

YJ: What’s currently helping you change and grow?

LM: Book events and sharing my story with other trauma survivors. I have always believed that in order to heal, I must be of service to the community. Through shared experiences, we help mend each other and support each other’s growth.

YJ: What has changed your life most since your book came out?

LM: I used to tell myself a story that I was unworthy of being loved, and that I had nothing to contribute to the world at large. Since my memoir was published, I’m constantly approached by people who found their own strength, hope, and fierceness by reading my book. I’m proud to say I’ve helped people begin and continue on their own healing journeys.

YJ: Can we expect a film adaptation of A Girl Raised by Wolves anytime soon?

LM: Well, if A Girl Raised by Wolves ever does become a movie, my daughter insists that Beyoncé play her. As of now, no conversations with producers … or Beyoncé.

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