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Imagine if Your Younger Self Had This Explainer on Feeling Your Feels

How can kids cultivate resilience? Here, Mallika Chopra breaks it down with a simple guide and breathing practice.

Chopra’s newest book is filled with mindfulness practices to help kids deal with day-to-day challenges. 

Your mind is the part of you that experiences your emotions. It is where you experience the sensations, images, beliefs, memories, imaginations, and thoughts that make you happy, excited, sad, inspired, and fearful.

The funny thing about your mind is that you can’t really find it. The mind is different from your brain.

Your brain and chemicals in your body react to and shape your mind. Here is a super simple explanation of how your mind works: When you are happy, you have happy chemicals running through your body. And when you are sad, you have sad chemicals in your body that can create tension and even pain, like an upset stomach or headaches. When something happens to you, your brain creates chemicals that make you react and feel emotions like fear or excitement.

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What Your Mind Needs

Just like you have to take care of your body to stay healthy, you also have to take care of your mind. Being mentally healthy means you feel like you can do what you need to do every day, are comfortable socially, can control your behavior, and can experience all your emotions without overwhelming anxiety. Of course, you may still get stressed, feel awkward at times, and become overwhelmed by your feelings! If you’re mentally healthy, you just don’t let your emotions control you; rather, you know your mind and your reactions and have ways to control them when you need to.

There are different components to having a …