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Top Yoga Cyber Monday Sales

Grab the yoga gear you need, for less, with these coupon codes and sales alerts.

Shop Cyber Monday with our guide to deeply discounted yoga gear. 

Cyber Monday is is the perfect time to snag great deals on gear for you and the yoga lovers in your life. Invest in the gift of self-care in 2020. 

  1. Manduka – Get 25% off on anything on the website with codes: BLACKFRIDAY and CYBERMONDAY. Shop now
  2. Prana – 30% off select styles, including denim and outerwear. Free shipping on all orders. Shop now
  3. Gaiam – 30% off site-wide with code: BLACKFRIDAY30. Shop now
  4. Nordstrom – Up to 50% off in their cyber sale section. Shop now
  5. AIM Healthy U – Save 50% on online courses with code CYBERSAVINGS. Shop now
  6. Yoga Outlet – Get an extra 30% off on all yoga items. Shop now
  7. Alo Yoga – 30% off everything with code: EARLYACCESS19. Shop now
  8. Way of Will – 35% off on mat sprays and more with code: BFCM. Shop now
  9. Spiritual Gangster – Activewear sale, discounts vary. Shop now
  10. Sanuk – Last Call sale, discounts vary. Shop now

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Shop Mindfully at these Compassionate Companies

With every purchase, these nine companies give back to their communities, nonprofits, environmental charities, and more.

Ever wonder where your money goes after you make a purchase? This holiday season, you can feel good about the gifts you buy when you support these companies with a mission to help the planet, children in need, people transitioning out of homelessness, cancer survivors, and more. Through monetary donations from portions of every sale, job creation, sustainable products and business models, and direct product donations, these companies extend the reach of your dollar and pay it forward.

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The Best Meditation Pillows

Set your meditation practice up for success with a great foundation. Here are some of our favorite meditation cushions on Amazon right now.

While you can meditate anywhere, a cushion can help in a variety of physical or psychological ways. The right meditation pillow will lift your hips and roll them forward, so you can maintain a natural, comfortable curve of the spine. Whether your meditation practice is seasoned, or you are just starting, the right cushion for your body can make all the difference in your comfort and the length of time you can sit comfortably. Having a special pillow and/or a special place in your home to sit can also make your practice more enjoyable. While each of these four cushions are filled with buckwheat hulls and made of organic cotton covers, they vary in shape, density, and height, making for a unique experience with each. Our test staff ranged in stature from 5’2”, 125 lbs to 5’10”, 160 lbs.

The Best Gift

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow

The Brentwood Homes model is made of a beautiful material and is the tallest of the four we reviewed. You could also rotate this cushion and place between your legs to meditate in a supported Rock Pose. The reviewer with the shortest torso and legs felt this cushion was too bulky, but buckwheat hulls could be removed to accommodate lower height preferences. Because this cushion is the tallest, it will likely be best for those with less hip flexibility. 

Because this cushion is so attractive, it could easily double as a beautiful additional living room seating option or accent pillow. Overall, reviewers felt this cushion would be the best gift due to the designer material. Plus, the taller height is forgiving to most bodies regardless of flexibility. Our 5’4” …

The Best Budget Wireless Headphones for Yoga

If you like to meditate or do yoga nidra in a bed you share with a partner, you’ll need some earbuds.

You don’t necessarily think of headphones when you think of yoga, but they can come in handy when you are trying to meditate or get a musical flow on when your roommate or partner is sleeping. Typical earphones have annoying cords that get in the way or get caught on things. And nothing bombs your routine like having to stop to put an earbud back in. If you use music to set the mood during your daily routine, you’ll need a set of wireless headphones. Check out our guide to some of the more modestly priced earphones on Amazon. 

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Best Sports Headband Headphones: Lavince Wireless Sports Headband

Lavince Wireless Sports Headband

This choice from Lavince is comfortable to wear in bed and during practice – when you want to keep your hair and sweat off your face. Two speakers are hidden inside the sleek, lightweight, breathable, stretchy band. The powerful battery lasts eight hours and still works at a stunning 45 feet from your phone for maximum freedom of movement. It even has an 18-month warranty. A bonus microphone means you can take calls without your phone. Ding: It will take two hours to fully charge. $19.99; Buy Now.

Best Earbuds with Neck Strap: Anbes Wireless Earbuds

Anbes Wireless Earbuds

If your top concern is finding earbuds that will stay put during your routine, look no further than this pick from Anbes. These earbuds have an ear hook design that will keep them securely in your ear and three different tips for a customizable fit. And even if an earbud does fall, the neck strap will keep it securely around your neck instead of …

The Best Budget Tops for Yoga

Want to look and feel great in class without spending a ton? Check out this selection of budget yoga tops that look fashionable inside and outside the studio.

Whether you’re in a hot yoga class or lounging around at home, you’re probably wearing a yoga top and pants. Soft and flow-y yoga tops are great to throw on whenever. But when you go to class, it’s important to choose a top as functional as it is fashionable. Depending on the intensity of the class you’re taking, you may want to choose a tank that is as stretchy and breathable as it comfy. To make sure you’re wearing the right top to your class, check out our guide below.

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Best Armhole Design: icyzone Tank Yoga Top

icyzone Tank Yoga Top

This icyzone top is designed to allow easy arm movement. It’s exaggerated armhole design is the biggest on our list, so you won’t feel constricted by the fabric. Better yet, it runs long and hugs the hips at the bottom so that you don’t need to worry about it sliding up. The fabric is sweat-wicking, so this racerback tank is perfect for hot yoga. These shirts come in packs of three bright colors. Note: If you want this top to be super loose, consider ordering up a size. $23.99; Buy Now

Best Open Back: OYANUS Backless Yoga Shirt

OYANUS Backless Yoga Shirt

Most yoga tops have semi-open backs to keep you cool, and this pick is no exception. This tank’s super cute open back will show off your strappy sports bras and keep you cool during your more intense classes. It’s also stretchy, silky, and lightweight. Note: Some users struggled to find the right size. Be sure …

The Best Smart Jewelry

Smart and fashionable ways to track your fitness, if you’re over watches.

Smart jewelry pieces are a fun alternative to Fitbits or Apple Watches. They are stylish and have a variety of functions. Most will vibrate when you get a phone notification so that you can enjoy your yoga class without worrying about checking your phone. Many will track your heart rate, steps, and calories as well. If you’re trying to step up your wellness game (or if you’re just curious!), check out our guide to the best smart jewelry out there.

Most Fashionable: Bellabeat Leaf Smart Jewelry

Bellabeat Leaf Smart Jewelry

If you’re looking for jewelry as cute as it is smart, look no further than Bellabeat’s Leaf. Available in six colors, the Leaf can be worn as a bracelet or necklace to easily compliment your outfit whether you’re in a hot yoga class or out for dinner with your bae. And all the while, it will be tracking your steps, calories, and sleep patterns. If you use the app, you can even track your menstrual cycle and stress levels or download free meditation sessions to center yourself before class. Best of all, no need to charge. Ding: The battery will need to be replaced every six months. $113; Buy Now.

Best Disguised: SHAREMORE Multifunction Smart Jewelry

SHAREMORE Multifunction Smart Jewelry

Most smart jewelry (with the notable exception of smart watches) tries to hide its brains behind trendy designs. This line of jewelry from SHAREMORE certainly does that; you’d never guess that these six cute, thin necklaces and bracelets are smart devices. You can set them to vibrate when you receive notifications so you don’t need to worry about keeping your phone on you during class. You can also use it to take selfies and send a call to …