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Engage and Energize Your Body (Even on Days You're Stuck at a Desk)

Don’t have time for a mat-based practice today? You can energize and strengthen your body anywhere with this simple chair yoga sequence. It’s perfect for deskbound days, or as a break when you’re feeling sluggish in your body or mind.

This sequence from Mindful Chair Yoga Deck by Jennifer Cohen Harper and Mayuri Gonzales can be done from almost anywhere and is appropriate for kids and adults. Get the book here. 

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Imagine if Your Younger Self Had This Explainer on Feeling Your Feels

How can kids cultivate resilience? Here, Mallika Chopra breaks it down with a simple guide and breathing practice.

Chopra’s newest book is filled with mindfulness practices to help kids deal with day-to-day challenges. 

Your mind is the part of you that experiences your emotions. It is where you experience the sensations, images, beliefs, memories, imaginations, and thoughts that make you happy, excited, sad, inspired, and fearful.

The funny thing about your mind is that you can’t really find it. The mind is different from your brain.

Your brain and chemicals in your body react to and shape your mind. Here is a super simple explanation of how your mind works: When you are happy, you have happy chemicals running through your body. And when you are sad, you have sad chemicals in your body that can create tension and even pain, like an upset stomach or headaches. When something happens to you, your brain creates chemicals that make you react and feel emotions like fear or excitement.

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Buy Mallika Chopra’s book now. 

What Your Mind Needs

Just like you have to take care of your body to stay healthy, you also have to take care of your mind. Being mentally healthy means you feel like you can do what you need to do every day, are comfortable socially, can control your behavior, and can experience all your emotions without overwhelming anxiety. Of course, you may still get stressed, feel awkward at times, and become overwhelmed by your feelings! If you’re mentally healthy, you just don’t let your emotions control you; rather, you know your mind and your reactions and have ways to control them when you need to.

There are different components to having a …

The Most Comfortable Men's Yoga Clothes On the Market Right Now

Comfort is key.

We found the most comfortable men’s yoga clothes. 

Nothing is more annoying during a vinyasa flow than a zipper stabbing you in the thigh during revolved lunge. Or what about during a yin class when the elastic waist feels a little too tight in your supine twists? Uncomfortable clothing can quickly take you out of your meditative state. Avoid that problem all-together with these trendy and extremely comfortable pieces perfect for identifying yogi males. 

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5 Comfortable Men’s Yoga Clothes

prAna Men’s V Neck Short Sleeve Workout Tee

prAna Men’s V Neck Short Sleeve Workout Tee

Shop here. 

Vuori Men’s Banks Shorts

Vuori Men’s Banks Shorts

Shop here.

Manduka Men’s Utility Knit Joggers

Manduka Men’s Utility Knit Joggers

Shop here.

prAna Men’s Vaha Yoga Pants 32″ Inseam

prAna Men’s Vaha Yoga Pants 32″ Inseam

Shop here.

Spiritual Gangster Men’s Wave Surf Tank

Spiritual Gangster Men’s Wave Surf Tank

Shop here.

6 Yogi Dads Inspiring Us This Fathers Day

Here are six yogi dads who inspire us to continue to cultivate deeper and more meaningful relationships with the children in our lives through their sacred fatherhood. Thank you, dads!

View the original article to see embedded media.

1. JahSun

“If you’re seeing this, it means you have a father. I had one too. He’s was a brilliant chemist of a top firm in NJ. Seen him twice my entire life. I’m thankful he made me. Truly! As much I longed to see him more as a kid, The Universe knew what I needed and having him more fully in my life could’ve been more damaging. Who knows? Doesn’t matter. What I do know it that’s it’s perfect – as is – and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I wouldn’t be me otherwise. So, today, I’m not simply offering up some generic “Happy Father’s Day” to all fathers. Because being a “Father” takes very little skill, 3 minutes behind a school bleacher at age 15-16 (some start younger than that) – if we’re keeping it real like adults. I’m raising the bar. Elevating the standard. I’m unwilling to continue to celebrate the bare minimum. Honoring men with zero, or little connection to their children and send money like they’re paying a car note. In and out, when it suits them, like a revolving door at a hotel. Instead, I’m standing up to SALUTE ALL DADS! Men who are there, present and CONSISTENT for their children (and being with Mom is not a requirement to be available for your baby). MEN who have taken up the mantle to raise another man’s child (that they left behind), and became Dad for them. I stand up and SALUTE ALL MOMS doing double duty as BOTH parents. I was a single dad …

5 Father's Day Gifts for a Mindful Dad

Tell dad you love him with thoughtful gifts that can inspire him to live a healthier, happier life.

Hydroflask 32 oz Growler

The Father of All Water Bottles 

Is dad drinking enough water? Probably not. Keep him hydrated with the roomy Hydroflask 32 oz Growler that keeps water ice cold and draft brews carbonated. ($44.95,

PrAna Men’s Super Mojo Pants 2.0

The Stylish Alternative to Sweats 

Give dad these stretchy, sweat-proof, quick-dry, ultra versatile, UPF 50+ pants and see if he ever takes them off. PrAna Men’s Super Mojo Pants 2.0 are perfect for the gym or just lounging on the couch. ($79,

The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perserverance, and the Art of Living

Inspired Reading 

The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perserverance, and the Art of Living features philosophy from great ancient thinkers like Marcus Aurelius and Seneca. It might just motivate dad to live his best life. ($15,

Men’s L.L. Bean Trail Tee

Do-it-All Tee

Lightweight, quick-drying and ever-so-slightly tailored, the Men’s L.L. Bean Trail Tee works for a yoga class, at the gym, or on the hiking trail. ($22.95,

Tiny Devotions Vision Men’s Bracelet

Intentional Jewelry

The semi-precious stones in the Vision Men’s Bracelet from Tiny Devotions can help dad find clarity and empower him to face fears head-on. Plus, he’ll think of you every time he wears it. ($48,