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Ginger-Almond Baked Salmon Packets with Green Beans

A few years ago, one of my clients asked me to make an easy baked salmon recipe with ground almonds, Dijon mustard, and nearly a pound of butter.

Though it wasn’t one of her recipes, as I folded the ingredients together I couldn’t quiet the resounding chorus of Ina Garten in my ear. How bad could that be?

The answer: not bad at all.

Though I didn’t get to eat the end result myself, I could tell that the slow-roasted salmon that had basted in its own buttery topping was beyond delicious. Everyone else seemed to be on board with the concept as well. I posted a picture on instagram before the fish went in the oven and by the time it came out I had a sea of kitty heart eye emojis in the comment field.

I never shy away from a pat of butter, but at the same time, I try to avoid weeknight seafood recipes where the butter measurements are labeled by the pound instead of the tablespoon. So I started thinking about ways I could take this low and slow baked salmon concept a bit healthier.

I love using coconut oil as a butter substitute (I like this brand). Since it’s solid at room temperature, you can whip it and get a similar texture to butter, which is great for smooshing under chicken skin among other things. So I decided this would be the body of my salmon topping and I wouldn’t have to feel bad about using a truck load to keep the fish super moist as it basted in the melted fat.

Coconut oil, salmon and almonds are great healthy fat sources—an essential nutrient in skin care, and therefore one of utmost importance this month as we start our new session of 4

Moroccan Red Lentil Soup with Chard {Video}

It’s always a fun to see what recipes end up topping the Feed Me Phoebe charts every year. One of the dishes whose popularity continues to surprise me is this Red Lentil and Spinach Masala recipe, which is now one of your all-time fan favorites.

Lentils always seem like the lowly vegan peasant food that most self-respecting meat eaters wouldn’t touch unless providing structural support for some thinly sliced lamb on a restaurant plate. But I was pleasantly shocked a few summers ago when my favorite self-respecting meat eater, Charlie, ordered the vegetarian entrée—a bowl of lentils with a fried egg—when we went out to a nice meal on Martha’s Vineyard.

Ever since then, I’ve added lentils back into our shared meal cycle. Now that I’ve successfully added most FODMAPs back into mine and tallied the votes (er, clicks), I see that my perceived legume bias was totally unfounded across the board. This is a win win for me, as it means this simple red lentil soup, which I once might have considered too pedestrian for your collective taste buds, now has a home here.

Moroccan Red Lentil Soup Recipe HariraMoroccan Red Lentil Soup Recipe HariraAfter a long month away, I came home to the onset of fall craving simple, healthy soups. In a effort to clean out my pantry, I decided to use up my remaining red lentils in a Moroccan harira-like concoction with lots of carrots and red chard mixed in.

This red lentil recipe is just the kind of healthy comfort food this site was founded on, even if I didn’t realize its proper place here until recently.

Moroccan Red Lentil Soup Recipe Harira

As you begin to dial back on the summer hedonism and get back into a healthy fall routine (whatever that means for you), I hope you’ll give this warm bowl of goodness some love. I’m trying to …

Kale and Sweet Potato Veggie Nuggets

These gluten-free veggie nuggets are brought to you in partnership with my friends Little Northern Bakehouse. As always opinions are 100 percent my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this site and my vegan nuggets recipes possible!

Back in college, I was a connoisseur of frozen vegan nuggets.

A true tween of the late 90’s, I was fully on the soy train and rode that baby all the way from Starbucks to the Whole Foods freezer aisle, where I would load up my own mini fridge with faux meat burgers and soy crusted nuggets. 

I had fallen for that age old myth that somehow a hyper processed oval shaped bite was healthier than a whole food simply because it had a few dietary labels slapped on the front. 

Much to my dismay, I was not alone. As soon as I moved off campus into a house with 6 other girls, my precious freezer nuggets began mysteriously disappearing. Usually they would go missing around 1am once the bars got out. The only evidence, an empty box, respectfully placed back in the freezer, and a few crumbs in the microwave. Obviously, there wouldn’t be any plates in the sink, because I lived with animals.

gluten-free bread slicesgluten-free bread crumbs

It took many years to realize that those drunk thieves were actually doing me a favor. I’ve since gotten soy almost entirely out of my diet, and when I do buy anything from the freezer aisle, it has to be made up of whole food ingredients. 

When I can though I try to make my own freezer veggie nuggets and burgers. These kale and sweet potato veggie nuggets were a recent experiment for back to school season as I prepare to log some serious time at my desk finishing the SIBO Made Simple book –

Gluten-Free Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

Over six years ago, when I was down in Nashville for my friend Sarah’s bachelorette party, the most memorable thing we ate was not the BBQ brisket or the southern-style pecan pancakes. It was the buffalo cauliflower bites.

For our Saturday night dinner we went to Tavern, a modern sports bar-esque restaurant that serves up creative gastro-pub fare. We ordered nearly the whole menu and shared everything. The best thing (by far) was the dish of buffalo cauliflower bites, which is impressive considering they had three types of French fries.

The battered florets reminded me of one of my all-time favorite dishes: Manchurian cauliflower from Devi restaurant. It was the subject of my first ever blog post, and perhaps because of that, loosely responsible for my decision to quit my day job and work full time in the food industry.

Though it was not relevant at the time, one of the best things about the Manchurian cauliflower recipe is that it uses cornstarch instead of flour for the batter. I knew that this was probably not the case with the southern buffalo cauliflower, but back then I was a little looser with my gluten-freedom and took a few bites anyway before tearing myself away from the basket.

When I got home, I was particularly keen to reinvent the dish as a healthified gluten-free finger food.

I’ve made these bites many ways, using the corn starch base and pan-frying and more recently, as in this version, using chickpea flour and baking it in the oven, which held up very well to the wing sauce. I’d venture to say that this version is even better than the original, though who can really remember the nuances of that dish after so much Bourbon.

For those of you gluten-free, vegetarian folks who want a …

Faux Falafel Quinoa Veggie Burgers with Tzatziki

These falafel-style quinoa veggie burgers are brought to you in partnership with my friends Little Northern Bakehouse. As always opinions are 100 percent my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this site and all my gluten-free vegan recipes possible!

I often get my inspiration from places rather than publications.

When I’m cooped up in my Brooklyn apartment for too many consecutive weeks I often find my cooking getting a little stale. You know, too many rotations of this or this.

But the second I step foot on Martha’s Vineyard, it’s like an invitation to experiment. What time I spend in the kitchen outside work can sometimes feel like an afterthought. But during the summertime on my favorite island, it’s the main event for my creativity.

Usually, I let what’s fresh at the seafood market be the cornerstone for the meal. But my dad has been making an effort to be even more plant-based than usual, so I took it upon myself this year to create a new quinoa veggie burger that is both low FODMAP (for me) and full of Middle Eastern flavors (for mom). 

The result were these falafel-like quinoa burgers with creamy tzatziki sauce.

Little Northern Bakehouse Buns

Though these veggie burgers are best crisped up in the oven to hone that falafel crunch, they are still perfect for summer entertaining. The batter makes 8 patties and since it’s completely plant-based, you can easily make the mixture a few days in advance of a party. They also freeze really well if you just want to have a homemade burger option on hand for when your vegan friends come to visit. 

As for the low FODMAP factor, you might be surprised to see these veggie burgers have a whole can of chickpeas involved. 1/4 cup of canned chickpeas is

Paleo Banoffee Pancakes with Date Caramel

This paleo pancake recipe is brought to you by my friends at Bob’s Red Mill. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this site (and my healthy breakfast cravings) possible! For more delicious recipes, coupons and stores near you visit

Yesterday was my first wedding anniversary, something that 359 days ago I wasn’t sure I’d ever be saying.

People don’t believe me that the idea was seeded only 5 days before we actually dove in head first and tied the knot. I talked a little bit about my reasoning in this post. But here’s how it actually went down.

On July 2nd, I met my friend and mentor Debbie on Martha’s Vineyard for a quick breakfast and long catch up. It was the first time I’d seen her since her husband Rob had been diagnosed with stomach cancer, and the previous few weeks had left them both discouraged and heart broken. That morning we cried into our scrambled eggs and talked about how they were preparing for the worst while trying to savor each sweet moment, which included a lot of the island’s finest quiche.

Over the course of our conversation, it came up that Rob had officiated an intimate wedding ceremony for their goddaughter a few weeks prior, just the four of them in their living room—the same spot where they themselves had been married almost twenty years prior in similarly intimate circumstances.

As someone who never wanted a wedding in the traditional sense, for the first time, I could feel with such clarity that this was not only something I could get on board with, but that the scenario was IT.

I asked Debbie if Rob would have the strength and willingness to do something like that for Charlie and myself. Her eyes softened, …

Chicken Escabèche Tacos (Low FODMAP)

Sometimes I put off watching great food TV because it feels like work.

Such was the case with Salt Fat Acid Heat. Believe it or not, I arrived only recently to that party, thanks to an afternoon appointment at Shape House, where you get to watch television while you bake in their sauna sleeping bags, and where I felt just a little too guilty mid-workday watching Younger reruns.

So instead, I opted for Samin and am so glad I did.

The show makes her book come alive in the most sensual way. I wanted to taste everything she tasted. And go everywhere she went. Instead, I tried to make everything she made, starting with this Chicken Escabèche recipe.

This Yucatan-style sweet and sour chicken is traditionally made with a specific type of tart oranges from the area. Naturally, it was something that Samin included in the Acid episode, which centered around Mexican cuisine from this region. It’s also the dish and episode that my close friends might have guessed that I liked the least, since I have a bit of an orange phobia.

But after watching, when left to my own devices, I had an idea to use either limes or Meyer lemons to create a similar acid base for my version of Chicken Escabèche. And since there were so few other ingredients besides hot peppers and onions, I decided to omit the latter and make the dish a low FODMAP taco filling.

In this version, the shredded chicken comes together quickly in the oven, where it braises with a mixture of carrots, jalapeno, lime and a little sugar for sweetness. A handful of fresh mint for garnish really compliments the spice. I also love topping the tacos with crunchy radishes and cabbage, but you can add avocados or …

3 Superfood Recipes to Support Healing

In her new superfood cookbook, Jennifer Iserloh invites readers to transform nature’s most powerful ingredients into nourishing meals and healing remedies.

These three superfood recipes are perfect for summer dinners. 

Before I started working with alchemy, a forerunner of chemistry based on the transformation of matter, I was trying to juggle mind, body, and soul practices separately. I was following different programs and driving myself a bit crazy in the process—not finding quite what I was looking for and feeling like a hamster on a wheel. Eventually, even my yoga and meditation practices felt stagnant and worn out. To an outside observer, my life was a dream: I had a loving marriage, a stable income, and a fulfilling career. Yet I felt I still hadn’t “made it,” and I constantly felt overwhelmed and frazzled.

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I knew there must be something out there that could help me break through to the next level. One day, I saw an old alchemy drawing—an obscure engraving from the 1700s called the Tabula Smaragdina (the Emerald Tablet). It’s a pictorial representation of the alchemy formula that teaches the path to deepest transformation: How to become more evolved in mind, body, and soul. In other words, how to achieve a more healthy, vibrant, enriching life.

Alchemy teaches us that to be truly transformational, healthy practices must be integrated into all aspects of our lives. When I saw the drawing that day, I realized that my love of cooking could help me overcome my mental and emotional plateau.

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My goal is to teach you to cook like an alchemist: The recipes in this book incorporate superfoods, medicinal plants, and adaptogens that are known to support healing. By …