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Manifesting in Service to Others

Can’t seem to follow through on your goals? Try creating intentions that are rooted in service to all. Plus, find 5 meditations to help you discover your life purpose.

Lara Land 

January is here, and you’re probably getting inundated with sales pitches and articles on how to make this your greatest year yet. Some of you may even had tried these “life-changing” approaches in previous years with varying results. I applaud you for not giving up on trying to improve your life.

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For those of you who have never succeeded in reaching your goals or maintaining them long-term, I offer this: It’s possible that your goals are not rooted enough in service. Goals which focus on individual success rather than universal success and happiness have a short shelf life. They may allow us to prosper for a short time, but the most sustainable visions are ones that include us all.

Here are some ways to bring service to your manifestations, creating prosperity both for yourself and others:

1. Ask why.

Once you have a goal in mind, ask yourself why you want it. Try to recognize when the ego is involved. Find the places where your dream connects to the greater good.

2. Look for the holes.

Sometimes, we think we are doing good but there could be variables in our plan which could negatively affect others. Explore your vision from multiple angles and include different perspectives in your evaluation.

3. Always give with an open heart. 

It’s how we give that’s most deeply felt by others. Resentment always leads to a cycle of loss. Work on yourself first, so that you can give freely without expecting anything back in return. 

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A Short Meditation Practice with Jana Long

Follow your Savasana with a short 8-minute meditation from Jana Long, increasing the duration over time.

Follow your Savasana with a short 8-minute meditation from Jana Long, increasing the duration over time. Sit still and quiet and become aware of how your breath feels. If you find you are thinking or clinging to thoughts, let them go and return to feeling your breath.