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3 Reasons an Automotive Repair Franchise Will Work For You

If you love cars and you are looking to go into business for yourself, you should just combine the two. While it might be difficult to start up your own shop and get the number of customers that you need to remain viable, a franchise provides an excellent opportunity. Here are three reasons why an automotive repair franchise will work for you.

Already Established Name

When you consider a car care franchise, just think about the power of a name. Brands names mean something in business. If people are already familiar with the name, they will be more likely to pay you a visit. When you open a national franchise in your area, you will already have many people who know what you are all about from the first day that you open your doors.

Professional Support

When you go into business for yourself, you will be on your own. While that can be exciting, it can also be a bit lonely and frustrating at times. With a franchise, you will get professional support to help you through a wide range of business-related items. You will even get marketing support. You are never alone, which is a great way to establish yourself in business if you stop to think about it.

Proven Business Plan

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel when it comes to business. A franchise will already have an established business plan that works. This is how they grew to the point that they can have franchises in the first place. Part of buying into such a company is getting access to that proven business plan. This will be your roadmap to success. You will learn proven principles and then be able to apply them in your own shop.

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How To Find A Reliable Auto Body Shop

Being in a car accident can be a very scary and traumatic experience. You have many things to deal with, including possibly having to find a reputable auto repair shop to take your car to. The following are some useful tips to help you find a good auto body shop that you can trust.

Check The Shop’s Certifications

When looking for an auto body shop denver co, try to find one with manufacturer certifications. These certifications show that the shop and its technicians have undergone special training and that they have the right tools for working on the specific models they have been certified for. One of the leading certifications is NATE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence).

Check For Warranties

Make sure the auto body shop warranties its work. Many reputable auto body shops offer lifetime warranties for as long as a customer owns their car. These warranties should completely cover workmanship as well as parts failure from manufacturer defects.

Don’t Just Settle

Some people simply take their car to the auto body shop that their insurance company works with or suggests to them. However, you are not required to do this. You are allowed under law to choose whichever auto body shop you want. So you don’t simply have to go with your insurance company’s choice if you know of a better place to take your car. You want to ensure that you take your vehicle to a place where they are working for you and have your best interests in mind and not your insurance company’s interests. You might get better service by shopping around.

Other Important Considerations When Choosing Your Auto Body Shop

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Serious Longevity: How to Prolong the Life of Your Vehicle

For many people, their car is one of their most valuable possessions. With the average cost of a brand-new car being roughly $35,000, it’s important to keep your current ride running for as long as possible. Here are some easy ways to extend the life of your vehicle.

Change the Oil Regularly
Getting your oil changed regularly is a cheap and effective way to keep your car running great. Although modern motor oil is engineered to last for a long time, the additives will eventually lose their lubrication properties. Not only will changing the oil at the recommended interval provide better protection, but it will also help maximize performance. If you make changing the oil a top priority, your engine should have no trouble surpassing the 300,000-mile mark.

Don’t Ignore Your Check Engine Light
If you care about the longevity of your vehicle, don’t ignore an illuminated check engine light. You don’t want to take any unnecessary chances. With the use of advanced diagnostic equipment, a check engine light Portland specialist will be able to quickly track down the root of the problem. Although the issue could be something simple like a loose gas cap, the check engine light can also be triggered by worn spark plugs and bad oxygen sensors.

Use Genuine OEM Parts
When getting your vehicle repaired, it’s tempting to go for the cheapest parts. However, the best approach is to always use genuine OEM replacement components. They are more durable and come with a lengthy warranty. Some high-quality replacement parts may actually outlast the vehicle itself.

Be a Mindful Car Owner
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