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Best Aromatherapy Products

Aromatherapy can be one of the best ways to enhance your meditation or stretching session, and these essential oils each evoke a variety of feelings, and some can help relieve sinuses stuffiness.

Best for Beginners

ArtNaturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil and Diffuser Gift Set

All-in-one Diffuser Set. This kit includes a high-quality diffuser and 16 essential oils to get you started. 

What We Liked:

If you’re just starting out in the world of essential oils, this is the pick for you. This kit includes a classic wood-lined diffuser with different misting and timer settings. Along with the diffuser, you’ll receive 16 essential oils to get you started, making this a great choice for users who haven’t identified their favorite scent yet. Customers loved how quiet this diffuser was and the variety of scent options for the modest price. Get it today.

Best Overall


Amazing Value. This kit includes 8 different essential oils for a fraction of the usual price. 

What We Liked:

If you or a loved one enjoys experimenting with a variety of essential oils, this is the perfect kit. This set includes 8 different therapeutic-grade oils, including eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint, among others. This set also includes a 100% money-back guarantee. Customers loved the affordability of this kit and the powerful scent of the oils. It’s available now.

Best for Sleep

Healing Solution Lavender Essential Oil

Pure Therapeutic-Grade Lavender. This soothing lavender oil is perfect for sending you off to sleep and relaxing your body. 

What We Liked: 

Lavender lovers, rejoice! This lavender oil is 100% therapeutic grade. It comes in sizes from three ounces to four fluid ounces, so you’re sure to get the right amount for your needs. The bottle includes a standard dropper to keep you from using too much oil at a time. Customers loved the …

The Best Therapy Balls

There are many different kinds of therapy balls and which is best for you depends on what kind of use you hope to get out of it.

Best Exercise Ball

URBNFit Exercise Ball

Made of sturdy PVC, this ball is a great pick if you’re trying to improve your balance or core strength.

What We Liked:

This ball can be used in a variety of balance and strength exercises and comes with a book of instructions to guide you. It is made of sturdy PVC material and can hold up to 2,000 pounds so you don’t need to worry about it bursting. This ball is the perfect height to use as an office chair replacement. It’s here now.

Best Massage Therapy Balls

Kieba Massage Lacrosse Balls

These massage therapy balls will provide you with quick and effective relief.

What We Liked:

Kieba’s massage therapy balls are great to use before or after yoga while lying on your mat. Simply lay on the balls and use your own bodyweight to ease the tension out of your muscles. This pick is made of durable solid rubber, so you can count on it lasting. They even include a 100 percent money back guarantee. Get them today.

Best Mini Exercise Ball

ProBody Pilates Mini Exercise Ball

Great for rehabilitation and core strength, this sturdy little ball is useful in countless ways.

What We Liked:

Made of soft and low-odor PVC material, this little ball is often recommended in rehabilitation activities. It comes with a list of exercises for you to try and is great for balance and core strength exercises, especially for those with hip, knee, or sciatica troubles. It also comes with a 90-day guarantee. Buy it here.

Great Yoga Gloves

Yoga gloves are a great addition if you’ve noticed yourself slipping during your routine.

Most Comfortable

YogaPaws SkinThin Yoga Gloves

With a full layer of rubber, these gloves will make sure you never slide around on your mat again.

What We Liked:

These gloves were designed especially for yogis. Instead of using gripping dots, these gloves use a full layer of rubber to ensure that you never slip again. The interior of these gloves is lined with terry, which will wick away moisture. The top of the gloves has a breathable mesh, which will keep you cool. Find them in six colors. Get these here.

Best Cotton Blend

Stargoods Yoga Gloves

The breathable cotton blend of these gloves will keep you cool even in hot yoga class.

What We Liked:

These yoga gloves were designed to be breathable and use a cotton blend meant to allow airflow and keep you from getting stuffy. And with plenty of grippy dots, you should feel secure in your poses while using these gloves. They come in a bundle with four colors, a yoga strap, and a bag for easy storage. Get them here.

Best Grip Pattern

Gaiam Yoga Gloves

Available in three colors, these gloves have a fun grippy dot design.

What We Liked:

We loved the fun that Gaiam had in designing the pattern for the grippy dots on these gloves. There are plenty of dots, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a grip when you’re wearing these gloves. The material, a cotton-nylon-elastane blend, is made to be stretchy so you won’t feel bogged down by these gloves. They’re available today.

Best Ventilation

Fit Active Sports Ventilated Gloves

Made to be light and airy, these gloves are an especially great choice for hot yoga.

What We Liked:

These gloves are secured …

The Best Athletic Sandals

Athletic sandals are one of our favorite shoes because they are so flexible and light.

Best Toe Coverage

Keen Women’s Rose Sandal

Featuring a rubber toe, these sturdy sandals are an all-around good choice.

What We Liked:

Our favorite part about these sandals is that they included a rubber toe cover to protect your toes. This is especially helpful if you hope to wear these sandals while hiking. They have a flexible rubber sole and a natural lift for the heel. Additionally, they have decent tread and are machine washable. Available in seven colors. Ding: The ankle strap is not adjustable. Buy them here.

Best Tread

Viakix Hiking Sandals

With a deep tread and adjustable straps, you can count on these sandals to last.

What We Liked:

Vizkix’s hiking sandals are made with a deep and sturdy tread that will last. We also loved that the straps were adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit. These sandals would be great for the beach because they are waterproof and lightweight. These hand-crafted sandals suit a trip to the movies or a hike. Available in four colors. Ding: Not available in half sizes. They’re available here.

Most Colorful

Chaco Women’s Athletic Sandal

Available in 22 different patterns and colors, these sandals from Chaco are a classic favorite.

What We Liked:

With 22 different fun patterns and colors to choose from, you’ll easily find a pair of these Chaco sandals that will reflect your personality. Fully adjustable for your comfort, these sandals have a natural heel rise that will support your arch. The rubber sole is also flexible, which will ensure that the sandal moves easily with you. Get them today.

Best Arch Support

Skechers Women’s Reggae-Zig Sandals

With sturdy arch support, these sandals were made with long days in mind.

What We Liked:

It’s …

Great Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a key tool for pilates and help you to stretch and strengthen your muscles.

Most Versatile

MOKOSS Resistance Band

Longer and wider than most resistance bands, this pick can be used for almost every exercise.

What We Liked:

We loved the design of this band. At six inches wide and 59 inches long, it can be used in almost any pilates exercise, making it much more versatile than any other on our list. It comes in three different weights and is made of eco-friendly natural latex. It also comes with a warranty in case you aren’t satisfied. They’re available now.

Best Loop Band

Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands

With five different levels of resistance, these loop bands will help you increase the effectiveness of your workouts.

What We Liked:

These colorful bands come in five different levels of resistance and are clearly marked. They are loop bands, which means that they are circular and can be used without needing to be held or tied in place. They’re also compact, making them perfect to throw in your gym bag. They even come with their own dedicated bag and an instruction manual to get you started. Get them now.

Best for Beginners

MVN Resistance Bands Set

With the instructions printed right on the bands, these resistance bands are great for beginners.

What We Liked:

These loop bands are perfect for beginners who may need some extra guidance. They come with a downloadable e-book explaining different exercises you can do and also have the instructions printed directly on the bands in case you forget. Each of the four bands has a different weight of resistance and is made of heavy-duty natural latex. Buy them now.

Thickest Band

Tribe Resistance Bands Set

These thick bands with double-walled latex are sure to last.…

Comfortable Yoga Pillows

Yoga pillows are a great addition to all of your favorite poses, whether you’re using a long rectangular bolster or a pillow.

Best Rectangular Bolster

YogaAccessories Supportive Rectangular Yoga Bolster

Long and dense, this pillow is great for use supporting your back and legs.

What We Liked:

This pick is very dense and weighs six pounds, which makes it great for use in positions where you’d want it to be secure. And because it’s flat on its sides, it will easily support your legs and back. This pillow has two handles on either side so it can be easily carried and its case is removable for easy washing. Get it here.

Best Shape Choices

Seat of Your Soul Meditation Cushion

Available in circular, crescent, and rectangular shapes, this cushion has something for everyone.

What We Liked:

This buckwheat-filled cushion can be found in three shapes (circular, crescent, and rectangular) so you can pick the perfect one for you. The cushions are built solidly so you will have good resistance and it has a 100 percent money back guarantee. Additionally, the covers are removable and machine washable. Find it in seven colors. It’s available here.

Best Embroidery

Peace Yoga Buckwheat Pillow

Beautifully embroidered in six designs, this cushion from Peace Yoga will bring you good vibes.

What We Liked:

Made specifically for use during meditation, this pillow is carefully balanced to boost you off the floor and prevent your limbs from going numb. We loved the bright embroidery designs, which bring the perfect pop of color to the room. It also includes a removable cotton cover and a convenient handle on the side. Buy it here.

Best Round Bolster

YogaAccessories Supportive Round Yoga Bolster

Available in 14 colors, this round bolster is great for supporting you during difficult poses.

What We

The Best Hemp Balm

Hemp balms are great for relieving skin pain, especially those caused by persistent conditions like eczema.

Best Scent

Hemp Pain Relief Cream

Filled with omega-three fatty acids, this cream has a pleasant and light scent.

What We Liked:

We loved the light scent of this cream, which was pleasant and quickly faded. This cream has a fast-acting formula that helps your skin to heal quickly. Better yet, its effects are long-lasting, so you won’t constantly need to apply. And made of natural ingredients like hemp oil, aloe vera, sunflower, and emu oil, this cream won’t irritate your skin further. Buy it today.

Most Potent

Ramina Natural Hemp Extract Cream

The high potency of the hemp extract in this cream ensured quick and effective pain relief.

What We Liked:

This cream is the best pick if you’re looking for quick and effective pain relief. It contains 15,000 mg of hemp extract, which makes it the most potent on our list. This ensures that you will receive enough relief to keep you comfortable throughout the day. We also loved that this cream did not leave a greasy residue and easily dried against skin. This cream is made in the United States and has a satisfaction guarantee. Get it here.

Best Organic

Organic Hemp Seed Oil Healing Cream

Made entirely of organic materials, this cream will easily repair your skin beyond its outer layers.

What We Liked:

Available in two sizes, this hemp seed oil is made entirely of organic materials, so you can feel confident using it on yourself and your family. We loved this oil because it will quickly heal not only the top layer of your skin. Instead, it penetrates deep into your skin to ensure that you are entirely healed. The company even guarantees visible results or they will …

The Best Pilates Socks

If you don’t have the right socks, you may find yourself slipping and sliding during your pilates class.

Best Toeless

Tucketts Yoga Socks for Women

Enjoy the barefoot sensation of these ethical and eco-friendly toeless socks.

What We Liked:

These toeless pilates socks are designed to allow freedom of movement and the stitched heel will keep them firmly on your feet. The non-slip bottoms are thick enough to wear well and will absorb any stress put on your feet. These socks are recycled cotton and made in an ethical, sweatshop-free factory. Ding: These socks are only made to fit women whose fit are a size six through size nine.

Most Breathable

Wander G Pilates Socks

Open and breathable, these socks are a great pick if you plan to sweat.

What We Liked:

The open design of this sock will keep your feet from getting sweaty and stuffy. In case you still find yourself sweating, the material is designed to absorb and evaporate your sweat. We were also impressed by the number of non-slip dots on the bottom of these socks, which will help you keep your grip no matter what. These socks come in two sizes, which will fit women between the sizes of four and 12. Get them today.

Best Ballet Style

Ozaiic Yoga Socks

Secure and padded, these socks are just like lightweight shoes.

What We Liked:

Ozaiic’s yoga socks are designed in the ballet style, which includes straps to keep the sock firmly on your foot. The interior of the sock is padded to prevent blisters and calluses, making it sturdy enough to almost feel like a lightweight shoe. The non-skid grips on the underside of the sock are even in a fun and eye-catching pattern. Note: Fits sizes five and a half to 11. They’re available