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Feel More Present in Your Body with This Mindful Moving Meditation

Get grounded with a practice that combines mantra, movement, and breathing.

Feeling scattered or overwhelmed? Find tranquility with this breathing technique from Jillian Pransky, who leads our upcoming online course, Restorative 201. This gentle practice combines mantra, movement, and mindful breathing and will help you feel more focused and ready to face the challenges in your day.

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Want to thread the science of deep relaxation into your day? Join our online course, Restorative 201: Short, Simple Practices to Stay Calm on the Mat (and in the Moment). In five weeks Jillian Pransky will share bite-sized slow flow and restorative practices, breathing and meditation techniques, and quick reset tools—all designed to integrate into your life easily and immediately. Learn more and sign up today!

Everything You Need to Know About Healing Leaky Gut

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NeoCell. All opinions are 100% mine. Thanks as always for supporting the brands that make my free leaky gut health resources possible! 

Leaky gut (like adrenal fatigue) is a term that gets thrown around a lot in the holistic health space, despite its controversial place in mainstream medicine. It’s also one of those terms that might make you cringe a little, as no one wants to be told any organ or orifice is, er, leaking.

While intestinal permeability is a real thing (and for the sake of this post, I will use leaky gut interchangeably with this term), many practitioners argue that it is more important to look at other aspects of the digestive system to uncover why your gut might be damaged in the first place, rather than chalking up everything that ails you to this one syndrome.

I’ve had plenty of interviews on the podcast so far that cover various sides of the conversation. So in today’s post, I’m going to dive deeper into what impact leaky gut actually has on the body, the aspects of modern diet and pill popping that can contribute to increased intestinal permeability, and some easy changes that can reverse its course fairly quickly. I’ll also be covering some supplements you can add to your routine, including NeoCell Super Collagen + C, which I’m currently loving for healing my gut on the go.

Read on for everything you need to know to heal leaky gut and tie it together with other pieces of your health puzzle.


When people talk about leaky gut, they are really referring to increased permeability in the small intestine.

For those of you who might have missed the basic anatomy …

The Most Comfortable Men's Yoga Clothes On the Market Right Now

Comfort is key.

We found the most comfortable men’s yoga clothes. 

Nothing is more annoying during a vinyasa flow than a zipper stabbing you in the thigh during revolved lunge. Or what about during a yin class when the elastic waist feels a little too tight in your supine twists? Uncomfortable clothing can quickly take you out of your meditative state. Avoid that problem all-together with these trendy and extremely comfortable pieces perfect for identifying yogi males. 

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5 Comfortable Men’s Yoga Clothes

prAna Men’s V Neck Short Sleeve Workout Tee

prAna Men’s V Neck Short Sleeve Workout Tee

Shop here. 

Vuori Men’s Banks Shorts

Vuori Men’s Banks Shorts

Shop here.

Manduka Men’s Utility Knit Joggers

Manduka Men’s Utility Knit Joggers

Shop here.

prAna Men’s Vaha Yoga Pants 32″ Inseam

prAna Men’s Vaha Yoga Pants 32″ Inseam

Shop here.

Spiritual Gangster Men’s Wave Surf Tank

Spiritual Gangster Men’s Wave Surf Tank

Shop here.

Tantra 101: This Mantra Is Key to Experiencing Divine Energy

Feeling small? Try this short Tantric practice from Sally Kempton to expand your sense of self.

The ancient tradition of Tantra says that every being originates from a sacred source—so why don’t you always feel so “divine”? The next time you’re feeling small, try this simple mantra from Sally Kempton to help you reconnect to the universe and powerfully expand your sense of self.

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Want to learn how to tap into your innate divine power? Join our new online course, Tantra 101: Awaken to Your Most Divine Life, led by meditation teacher Sally Kempton. In six weeks you’ll discover Tantra’s potent teachings and practices, so you can transform every breath, movement, and feeling into a pathway to greater insight and peace. Sign up today!

Got Sore Muscles? Meet Your Next Favorite CBD Topical for Relief

The Live Be Yoga ambassadors go behind the scenes at ShiKai in Santa Rosa, California.

Feeling sore from your last vinyasa flow? Dealing with chronic inflammation in your joints? Well, thanks to a new line of products from ShiKai—a brand that has been developing natural skin and hair care products for nearly 50 years—relief may not be out of reach! 

While in Santa Rosa, California, LBY ambassadors Lauren Cohen and Brandon Spratt stopped off at the ShiKai factory to teach a yoga class and sit down with owner Jason Sepp to learn more about the company’s new CBD topical line. Here, watch how it unfolded!

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Live Be Yoga ambassadors Lauren and Brandon are on a road trip across the country to sit down with master teachers, host free local classes, and so much more—all to illuminate the conversations pulsing through the yoga community today. Follow the tour and get the latest stories @livebeyoga on Instagram and Facebook.

Yoga Transformed Me After Constant Pressure

After building the perfect life in DC, debilitating anxiety drained Paige Pichler of her power and strength. Here, how yoga helped her start over and feel worthy again.

Fully recovered from a years-long battle with an eating disorder, I had created the life of my dreams in Washington, DC. I thought everything had finally fallen into place; I worked at a powerful Capitol Hill law firm during the day and ran and lifted weights at night. I was in shape, successful, and relatively happy.

But, while everything looked great from the outside, the constant pressure I put on myself while creating this career didn’t go away. I was type A, quick to move, and even quicker to worry. I worried constantly about being good enough. I never felt secure in my work and used every minute of my schedule to make a name for myself. The mental battle took its toll, and finally, one night, alone in the emergency room at 4 a.m., I found out I had mono.

I lost all of my strength, and my anxiety went from manageable to debilitating. Rigorous exercise had been an outlet; suddenly, I couldn’t even walk to work because I needed to conserve energy. Crying took up most of my time, even at the office. After months of searching for a solution, I turned to the last option: moving back home to Milwaukee.

I slowly rebuilt my life with a new job at a boutique public relations firm and restored my health after countless doctor visits. I decided to train for a half marathon. I wanted to prove to myself that, even though my physical strength was no longer at its peak, I was still tough. I began training, running for hours at a time. Eventually, my body begged for restoration. …