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The SIBO Made Simple Book! + How You Can Get Involved

If you tuned into the podcast yesterday, then the beans have already been spilled: SIBO Made Simple is going to be a BOOK!

Even though I’ve been secretly plugging away at the new manuscript since March, it’s still incredibly surreal to me that I’ll soon have a third book out in the world. Although, book years are more on par with dog years, so “soon” is relative. You’ll likely not see the low FODMAP fruits of my labor on shelves until early 2021.

BUT I wanted to tell you all sooner rather than later for two reasons. First, I’ll be shooting the photography for the first series of recipes in a matter of weeks. Which means, I’ve spent the last two months working at break-neck pace to get all the recipes tested and ready. This might explain why there haven’t been as many new recipes around here lately. It’s for a good cause, I swear!

Second, I would love for you to get involved. More on that below. But first, I’d love to tell you a little about how the book will take shape.

What you can expect from the SIBO Made Simple Book

Since I started writing about SIBO last year (in 2018), the response has been overwhelming. My SIBO posts have become the most trafficked areas of my site. They are also the subject of dozens of emails that I receive from you weekly.

Your craving for more information led me to start the podcast. And when I did, I knew I also wanted another medium to repackage and digest the takeaways. So I began working on a proposal last fall, which went out to publishers earlier this year. By end of February, I had signed with De Capo Lifelong, who is a dream partner …

SIBO Made Simple | EP 16 | IBS & Anxiety: Free Your Mind with Hypnotherapy, Your Gut Will Follow with Dr. Megan Riehl

We’ve all experienced some telling signs that our gut is connected to our mood. Think butterflies in your stomach before a big presentation, that last minute urge to pee before going on stage. And if you’re someone with SIBO or other digestive issues, you might be dealing with some of the other downwind symptoms that occur when we let our anxiety get out of control.

On today’s episode, I’m joined by Dr. Megan Riehl, a GI psychologist (yes, it’s a thing) who specializes in tactical approaches to relieving visceral hypersensitivity, food fears, and anxiety related to our gut. We talk about how anxiety around your meals or symptoms can become a self-fulfilling IBS prophecy, and explore a really powerful data-backed approach: hypnosis for anxiety, IBS, and other digestive issues.

If you’re someone who’s prone to both anxiety and gut issues, this conversation is a must-listen.

Also, I have a BIG announcement about a secret project I’ve been working on all spring and ways for you to get involved. Don’t miss it.

A quick taste of what we’ll cover:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and how it helps with anxiety and gut issues
  • Breathing exercises to dial down our body tension
  • Gut-directed hypnotherapy for IBS, IBD, GERD and other issues
  • Why people get visceral hypersensitivity from nerve endings
  • Why you should see a GI doctor in addition to a therapist, and vice versa
  • Cognitive restructuring around food fear and anxiety
  • How to tell the difference between SIBO-induced food fear and disordered eating
  • Strategies for approaching a meal when you have food anxiety

Resources, mentions and notes:

Italian Baked Gluten-Free Chicken Meatballs

Like all those cooks out there who’ve had the chutzpah to admit their failures (and, presumably, those annoying beacons of perfection who have not), I’ve made my fair share of mistakes in the kitchen. Luckily, these gluten-free chicken meatballs are not one of them.

In reflecting on my errors this past week, I’d say that most fall into one of two categories. The first is careless negligence, which includes things like forgetting the brussels sprouts in the oven until they resemble something that Khaleesi’s dragons might have sneezed on. A historical favorite is the time I poured cold stock from the fridge into a straight-from-the-oven Pyrex dish, causing it to shatter/explode dramatically and my neighbors to stop by to make sure everything was okay.

Then there’s the type of mistake that’s just pure technical ignorance. Since I didn’t go to cooking school, I’m particularly prone to this genre of fails. But because I prefer to drink uncurdled eggnog and to not have to throw away 6 ramekins of sunken, nasty soufflés, I tend to stick to recipes that are well within my comfort zone. But this approach to protecting my kitchen confidence proved problematic a few years ago when I had to attend a potluck at Dana Cowin’s apartment, in honor of her book Mastering My Mistakes in the Kitchen.
gluten-free chicken meatballs mixture in a bowlchicken meatballs on a sheet pan

The evening gathered together some of my all time favorite women in the food community, including many who inspired me to start writing about my small kitchen triumphs and failures in the first place (cough cough, Deb). For the meal, we each had to bring a dish that we’d previously failed at and had since mastered.

I had many fails to choose from…obviously. The tortilla espagnola that covered my kitchen with raw egg when I tried to invert …